I stand with Planned Parenthood.

Why I stand with Planned Parenthood.

When posting that I stand with Planned Parenthood on Facebook, someone posted a link of a bunch of other clinics as if I wasn’t aware that these other places existed….I am. However none of these other clinics have shown me the support, compassion, respect and dignity that Planned Parenthood has. I’ve had my sexuality, gender identity, and lifestyles mocked at other clinics.

I’ve been told that “all polyamorous people just want to sleep around and that you can’t romantically love more than one person.” Maybe you can’t but I can and have until I decided to enter a monogamous relationship. I’m grateful to have a partner who understands that my heart is open to many, but at this moment I’m not looking to share it (relationship wise) with anyone else. I’m genderqueer…boarding agender…boarding deciding whether or not I want to transition to male (probably not how some of you wanted to find that last part out, sorry Dad!) While my body might reflect “typical” female parts- that’s not who I am. I’ve never been that. I’ve had my identity called “dirty” at other clinics. I’ve been told that I’m “too pretty to be anything other than a girl.” I’ve had those that I’ve been romantically interested in misgendered or called “its.” I’m also kinky and into BDSM, but I’m sure 95% of you knew that already. I’ve had my consensual relationships called abusive and have been told that I’m “disgusting for letting anyone do that to you (me), ” which is just plain rude! I’m not bashing anyone for liking it missionary, with the lights off (except for the slight glow of a TV) and with socks on; don’t bash me for liking what I like.

You know where none of that has ever happened? Planned Parenthood. You know what has happened? I’ve been given support after being sexually assaulted and not wanting to report it as the person was/is in a position of power, I was given resources on gender identity, I received resources in case any of my consensual relationships became non-consensual and so much more. I was taken off a birth control that wasn’t right for me and put on one that is. After switching from the pill to Depo, I’ll never look back. Gone are the panic attacks because my body is/was doing something I deemed unnatural for it to be doing and gone are the days of me forgetting to either take with me or physically take a pill.

Oh and let’s not forget the whole cervical cancer thing. They were amazing when I had to get that biopsy and all those screenings done. Just saying.

Planned Parenthood has made me feel in control of my body, my sexuality and my life. My motto: is don’t like something, don’t do it/get it. So if you don’t like abortions, don’t get one. But don’t take my or any other person’s choice to get one away. It’s not your body and it’s not a clump of cells that can’t survive outside of their hosts’ either.


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