All the words I couldn’t say.

Someone has finally put into words what I’ve been feeling a lot more eloquently than I’ve been able to.

So I watched this video and HOLY CRAP does that sum up how I feel about my gender. Like I was crying watching this because finally someone gets it. Someone has been sort of in my shoes and knows what I’m feeling and it’s such a gratifying thing to know that I’m not alone in my thoughts when it comes to my gender identity.

I’d love to go on HRT sometime before I hit 30 and once I shed some weight. I don’t want to be bulky but I’d like to have some sort of definition to my body/face if that makes any sense. But still have that androgynous feminine boy look to me. Again, this all makes perfect sense in my mind but if it doesn’t to you, that’s okay!

Riley also touched upon some other issues that resonate with me; mental health issues. I keep my diagnoses to myself just because I don’t want the stigma or backlash or anything from some of them. It’s unfortunate that in 2017 that being open about any sort of mental illness is considered a bad thing or will change people’s opinions of you. I don’t see having a mental illness any different than having cancer or some other disease. shrug But it’s my choice to not want to speak on these issues at this moment.

Overall, I’m really glad that someone was able to affirm how I feel and sort of give me that extra boost of confidence to say that my identity is a valid one. I definitely recommend anyone who reads this to check out that video as I’m sure this post will make a ton more sense if you watched it. Also, Riley has some other great videos on his channel that you should totally check out. I really enjoy his personality and think he’s super swell.


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