My Gender Journey; Baby’s First Binder.

Long time no update!

I’ve had a bunch of life things come up from moving from my old apartment, in with some friends, to a new house with the same friends so life has been a little all over the place. I’ve also finally made some progress on getting my tumor removed….now that I have less than a month’s coverage of health insurance left. A doctor my housemate knows took me seriously and is really working with me to get this bastard removed before I age off of my parents’ insurance. I have a CT scan scheduled for the 7th and I go see the surgeon on the 9th. This sort of brings me to why I’m writing this post.

Once I get this tumor removed, I’m FINALLY going to be really looking into getting a good binder. The issue I’ve ran into in the past is my tumor getting pushed further outwards than it already sticks because of the binding. Now that I won’t have that awful lump there anymore, I’ll be able to bind with confidence! I’m looking into getting one from gc2b transitional apparel as I like what they have to offer and their prices seem reasonable. Plus, their shipping location isn’t too far from me so it shouldn’t take long to get here.

Two friends of mine just or are in the process of ordering from them and I’m going to see what they think about theirs when they get it. One friend suggested that because my chest is so small, I can probably just bind with a sports bra but I think I want a bit more compression than that. In the past when I’ve tried that, it just didn’t give me the look I was going for. This could very well be because of the tumor so I’m going to try to use a sports bra again just to see if maybe now I’ll have the look I want.

But yes! I will have my own binder soon and will be on the road to aesthetically being the cute little femme boi (boy?) that I am.

Hope everything is going well with you all on here. ❤


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